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the Engineering and Protection of Environment is a scientific journal that publishes original research papers, review papers and technical reports on a variety of topics in the area of enivronmental engineering and protection. The journal was stablished in February, 1997 in Ustroń, Poland as a a joint initiative of the deans of technical universities that offered programs in environmental enginnering and protection of the enviornment. In 2001 the Committee of Environmental Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences awarded the honorary patronage over this journal. 

We are pleased that the Engineering and Protetion of Environment has already attracted the attention of the readers. The journal is addressed to scientists, industry representatives and to everyone who shows interests in environmental engineering and protection. We encourage submissions from researchers, scholars, practitioners, policy makers in all aspects of environmental engineering and protection. 

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Engineering and Protection of Environment
ISSN 1505-3695
ISSN ON-LINE 2391-7253
DOI 10.17512/ios

Note that English is a preferable language of the manuscripts submitted to Engineering and Protection of Environment!

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